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Our expert professionals have links to all major sporting events around the world and can place your brand flying high at right placements. Sports sponsorships helps you most to engage consumers and the increasing fragmentation of media (making brand cut-through ever harder), sponsorship can be a compelling and cost effective tool within the marketing mix.

A major event sponsorship brings with it a varied (and valuable) inventory of assets, all of which need careful management to ensure a good return on investment. These assets typically include:

We are well versed in the operational rigours of managing sponsor assets, from up front programme development through to onsite delivery and post-event reporting. Our partner companies have designed and managed multiple official sponsor hospitality programmes at major sporting events the world over. We can help you think through the options and make the decisions that will lead to successful brand experiences for colleagues and clients alike. Our sponsor services are generally delivered on a consultancy or full implementation basis. Call us for a meeting to understand more and maximize your brand reach now !!!


Sports Konnect has its own pool of dedicated and designated Sports celebrities from India and all parts of world who are highly acclaimed and capable of boosting any brand recognition & equity by their mere association.

We help brands with:

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